Why choose us?

Superannuation funds in Australia tend to fall into a few discrete categories.

There are industry super funds, which pride themselves on having low fees and are typically not-for-profit; and “retail” super funds, which are run by banks/investment companies and tend to have higher fees, but often higher returns. More recently there’s been a surge in self-managed super funds (SMSF), which are used by wealthier Australians who would like to have more control over their super.

There are pro’s and con’s for each of these types of funds, however at The Super Fund Co. we thought it was time that there was a fund that offered the best features of each of them: reasonable fees, great returns, control over your super – but without the admin or compliance burden of a SMSF.

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We are a new kind of super service – offering your own personalised adviser to help you with tax-effective strategies in planning for your retirement, coupled with access to compelling investment opportunities through our closely managed investment portfolios. It’s like having your own personal fund manager. A winning combination for your super!

The Super Fund Co. offers the following benefits compared to traditional super fund providers:

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