About us

The Super Fund Co. focuses on two things: providing superannuation advice and portfolio management to clients across Australia.

We created The Super Fund Co. because we saw a big gap in the market for quality, personalised super advice at a reasonable price.

Accessing good advice is the single most important thing you can do to build your super (and reach retirement sooner!) – however, good advice has typically been costly, complicated or difficult for people to access.

We’ve changed that.

We are a new kind of personalised super service.

We offer your own personalised adviser to help you with tax-effective strategies in planning for your retirement, coupled with access to compelling investment opportunities through our closely managed investment portfolios. It’s like having your own personal fund manager. A winning combination for your super!

Quality, personalised super advice.

The Super Fund Co. model is centred around providing personalised advice on an ongoing basis, to ensure you are maximising your returns. Outside of your home, super is typically your largest asset, and it’s important that you receive the right advice to make it work for you. And it’s important to start early – many people don’t think about asking for advice until they reach retirement, but this can often be too late to make a difference. Strategies employed from your 30’s onwards make the most impact on how soon you can retire. You’ll thank us for it in 20 years’ time!

So how can we provide personalised, quality advice at a reasonable price point?

By changing the traditional superannuation model, and partnering with the best.

As a privately owned financial services organisation, we’re not owned or influenced by a major financial services organisation, and we’re not encumbered with legacy systems or large corporate overheads.

Our choice of investment portfolios are based on a ‘best of breed’ approach – we’ve chosen proven performers in domestic equities (like Wilson Asset Management, Montgomery Funds Management and Magellan) , international fund managers, and exchange traded funds (ETF’s); and invest according to their risk profiles and strategic risk allocations.

Our superannuation and administration platforms are run by publicly-listed companies, Hub24 and Managed Accounts, and offer you online access to your super portfolio at any time.

And our team of financial advisers and para-planners are experienced and passionate about the power of super.

This model allows us to spend our time reviewing our investment portfolios, and talking with our clients to ensure they’re getting the right advice on the strategic benefits of super and how they can maximise their portfolio. As well as an annual review, we provide advice on the benefits of tax contributions, and advice at key milestones such as when you change jobs. We live, breathe and talk super. We are super!

Safe and secure.

Safety is of paramount importance when it comes to superannuation – it is your retirement money after all.

The trustee for both Hub24 Super and Managed Accounts Super is Diversa Trustees Limited.

Diversa Trustees Limited and its related company CCSL Limited are both specialist Trustee companies focussing on superannuation funds in Australia, including retail master trusts, corporate funds, platform (wraps), Pooled Superannuation Trusts, Eligible Rollover Funds and insurance only funds.

Both companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of OneVue Holdings Limited, an ASX-listed financial services company. The companies have been in operation for many years and combined provide trustee services to approximately 30 APRA regulated superannuation funds with in excess of $10 billion of assets under management.  The group holds approximately 30% of the market share amongst Extended Public Offer licensees, making it the largest EPO Licensee in Australia by number of funds.