Case Studies & Testimonials

At The Super Fund Co., we love helping our clients achieve their goals, and reach retirement sooner. Many of our clients are amazed once they understand how we can help them increase their super and decrease their tax, and wish they'd come to us sooner! Read on to find out about some of the clients we've helped.

Toby & Vanessa

shutterstock 167699183 Architect Toby for Accountants pres homepage and backpage bannerToby is a busy 42 year old project manager in the resources industry. His wife, Vanessa, is 37 and works part-time as a marketing officer. They have a 4 year old son and a 1 year old daughter.

When Toby & Vanessa approached us, Toby’s super balance was $140,000. Like many of our members, he had not paid that much attention to his super in the past (with his annual statement going straight to the filing cabinet!), and he assumed that he had always accepted the default investment allocation proposed by his super fund. He wasn’t sure of the details of the insurance he held under his super, or whether or not it was appropriate to protect his family’s financial situation.

Vanessa had worked in a variety of jobs in the past, and believed she had around $60,000 in super across multiple accounts. She knew she could (and should!) consolidate these funds all into one account, however she wasn’t sure which fund was best for her. As a busy working mum of a young family, she simply didn’t have time to research different super funds and decode what they meant for her.

Toby & Vanessa were aware that they needed to start proactively planning for retirement and growing their assets in the most tax efficient and effective way… they just weren’t sure how to go about it.

One of Vanessa’s friends had told her about The Super Fund Co. and how we were able to help her, so they made contact with us.

We were able to offer Toby & Vanessa the following:

  • A review of their current financial situation, including superannuation
  • A comprehensive review of their family’s insurance requirements
  • Appropriate Risk Profiling and Asset Allocation advice to ensure their investments provide them with the greatest probability of meeting their long term objectives in retirement
  • Assistance with finding and consolidating Vanessa’s multiple super funds (therefore avoiding multiple accounts and fee structures moving forward)
  • Ongoing financial and tax-effective contribution advice, therefore minimising tax and maximising their superannuation
  • Ongoing portfolio management and an annual review.

Toby & Vanessa now see the value of receiving advice that is tailored to their situation at a cost effective price, and are grateful to The Super Fund Co. for our ongoing support.  


Harry & Marilyn

I want to thank you once again for the time you spent with Marilyn and me this morning, and for your opinions on what actions we might take. I appreciate that you gave your assessment of our position without regard to whether there was advantage to you.

Both of us were delighted by your approach and your patient explanations. You can be sure that we will recommend you to anyone we know who wants financial planning or superannuation advice.



Rory Baker
Legal Practitioner Director – KRG Conveyancing

Switching from the numerous super fund accounts I held to The Super Fund Co. with Ty as my adviser was a breeze.  All I had to do was provide Ty with my current super statements - he handled the rest including all of the rollovers. 

During the process Ty also introduced me to an insurance advisor who ran through all my options regarding life, income and disability insurance.  I asked quite a lot of questions during this time and asked for numerous quotes on differing scenarios. I was treated with patience and respect until I was happy with the policy parameters.

Once my super was rolled over into The Super Fund Co., Ty consulted with me as to appropriate investment choices and continues to do so as contributions are made or as the market dictates.  I certainly feel a whole lot more in control of my super and love being able to look at my allocations down to the specific shares and return on investment.  It's like having your own self managed super fund with a personal adviser without the headaches of all the paperwork and administrative costs.

I would highly recommend Ty and The Super Fund Co.


Ruben Alker
Managing Director – HIP Communications

I switched my super to The Super Fund Co. to get better returns. I was with a big Super Fund and was getting ok returns under a growth profile. My returns with The Super Fund Co. have increased significantly. I understand my fees are slightly higher, but it is worth it. I also find the guys at The Super Fund Co. great to deal with. They are very approachable and happy to talk through their strategy for my portfolio.

Another great thing with this approach to Super is the visability of the assets you have in your Super. I feel more involved when I know the shares I have in my Super. It provides me with motivation to invest more money when I can.