Fees & Returns

There is a lot of talk from some funds in the super industry about fees, and how their fund has lower fees than others.

At The Super Fund Co., we agree that low fees are important – but they’re also only half the story! It’s important to not only look at fees that a super provider will charge you, but also the overall return you will receive – because at the end of the day, that will influence how soon you can retire.

The other question you should ask is: what do you actually receive in return for the fees you pay? Does it give you access to experienced investment advisers, personalised advice, flexible investment and switching options, and 24/7 access to your account?

If not, keep reading!


What are the historical returns achieved by each of The Super Fund Co.'s portfolios?

The Super Fund Co. has five investment portfolios to choose from, to suit a range of different risk profiles and life stages. We will advise you which portfolio is most suitable for you as part of our risk profiling and financial assessment process - visit our Invest section to find out more.

The chart below outlines The Super Fund Co's returns across our five portfolios, as at 30 June 2015. 

Overall returns were significantly impacted in the 2014/15 financial year, due to two main factors:

(a) the Australian equities market was flat, with only 1% growth for the year, and

(b) the international equities market lost nearly all of the growth it had experienced throughout the year in June, when concerns about Greece and China triggered a significant sell off.

Whilst it was tempting to decrease exposure to the Australian equity market during the year and invest more heavily internationally, we consciously retain a relatively higher exposure to Australian markets so that our members can benefit from the income and franking credits (as these are returned directly to you, unlike other funds). We therefore take a long term view – markets may go up and down year to year, and irrational markets can make sound investment strategy appear poor – however we are very focused on long term returns for our members.

Pleasingly, our portfolios have bounced back strongly in the new financial year – contact us if you’d like an update on where things are sitting, or would like to understand a little more about expected returns.

Portfolio Returns 1 Yr (p.a.) 3 Yr (p.a.) 5 Yr (p.a.)
TSFC Growth 1.11% 7.61% 9.33%
TSFC Moderate Growth 0.92% 6.56% 8.57%
TSFC Balanced 0.08% 5.13% 7.59%
TSFC Conservative Balanced 1.27% 4.79% 6.85%
TSFC Conservative 0.61% 3.92% 5.88%


  • Past performance is no guide to future performance 
  • Actual returns may differ depending on when you invest 
  • All returns are net of fees and taxes
  • The Super Fund Co. returns are calculated as at 30 June 2015 and are net of 1.65% fees (all inclusive) (based on $250,000 portfolio) 
  • The Super Fund Co. returns have been back tested using historical data from our money managers. Returns post March 2014 are real returns and calculated from our model portfolios. Client portfolio returns may differ to the above due to timing and any custom holdings
  • For further information, please submit an enquiry or contact The Super Fund Co. at hello@thesuperfundco.com.au


The following fees are indicative only – please contact us for a personalised quote based on your circumstances. 

 Fee tables 

* The above information is indicative. Each client will receive a Statement of Advice (SOA) detailing fees and charges on their account.
* Does not include managed fund expense ratios (i.e. internal charges).