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5 Nov

Your invitation to hear directly from Roger Montgomery

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This November, high profile fund manager Roger Montgomery will join The Super Fund Co. to share...

18 Oct

What to do if your loan application is rejected


Tired of paying rent to a lazy landlord and watching your friends become homeowners, you crunch...

4 Oct

Does money bring happiness?


The short answer is ‘yes’, but only up to a point. People in richer countries are,...

27 Sep

If you think you’d never fall for a scam, read this…

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If you (or if you know someone) who is over 50, male, highly educated, financially literate...

17 Sep

Renovating? Be careful not to over-capitalise…


Australians in increasing numbers are becoming building experts and style gurus. It’s no surprise that Bunnings shareholders...

30 Aug

Home loans: to fix, or not to fix?


It is said that Aussies will bet on anything – even two flies crawling up a...

16 Aug

Y it needs to change


It is fascinating that terms created to assist in demographic research for advertisers would become mainstream words...

7 Aug

The magic of compounding

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Compounding can be the road to riches and anyone can do it - all you need...

26 Jul

Travel safely on the information super highway


The crime of identity theft is growing at an alarming rate, with the ‘sharing’ concept of...