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5 Nov

Your invitation to hear directly from Roger Montgomery

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This November, high profile fund manager Roger Montgomery will join The Super Fund Co. to share...

30 Jan

Working with the upcoming new super rules

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As a large majority of working and retired Australians already know, in late 2016 a raft...

12 Sep

The benefits of super splitting

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Some superannuation funds allow you to split employer or tax deductible contributions with your spouse. Why...

29 Jun

Making retirement the best part of your life

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Retirement – making it the best part of your life Many Australians are choosing to retire...

16 Jun

A tale of two retirements... which would you choose?

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Sam and Sally Smith have worked hard all their lives, paid their taxes and, now they...

4 Apr

The importance of the Superannuation Guarantee

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Rachael came to see us recently after being referred by one of our clients. Having recently...

10 Mar

Super jargon in plain English

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Although it’s constantly reported on in the media, many Australians do not fully understand superannuation jargon. We’ve...

16 Feb

Superannuation in your 20's.... boring? Doesn't have to be!!

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Superannuation is for the oldies, right? In some ways that’s true, but even in your twenties...

26 Jan

Superannuation in your 40's... it's time to get focused

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Typically your 40's is a time of established careers, growing kids and a mortgage that is...

9 Jan

Superannuation in your 30's... it's important to squeeze it in

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If you are in your 30’s, chances are life revolves around children and a mortgage. And...