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4 Jun

End of Financial Year 2023/24

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Disclaimer:  This advice is general in nature and may not be construed as personal advice With the...

11 Apr

Get ready for June 30... now!!

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When it comes to getting the most (money) from your annual tax return, there is usually...

21 Apr

MyDeductions app makes tax time easier


Did you know that the Australian Tax Office has developed an app called MyDeductions to make...

11 Apr

Clarity on charity


Not all charities are the same – some are not charities at all. So, how do...

28 May

It's time for a quick super health check

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Imagine this... when you were 21 years old, your well-meaning but financially inept uncle put $1,000...

18 Nov

How to sell your business tax-free

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We saw this fantastic article on Brisbane Times today about how to sell your business without...

23 Jun

Are you ready for June 30? – Part #2

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Only one week to go to the end of the financial year! In the last blog,...

3 Jun

Are you ready for June 30? – Part #1

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It is June already - and therefore the countdown to the end of financial year is...