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26 May

How much money do you need to be wealthy?

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*Financial planner reveals how much you need to stop working and be considered wealthy* THERE is a...

27 Feb

The what, why and how of contributing to super

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Despite frequent changes to its governing rules, superannuation remains, for most people, a tax-effective environment in which...

5 Nov

Your invitation to hear directly from Roger Montgomery

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This November, high profile fund manager Roger Montgomery will join The Super Fund Co. to share...

5 Feb

Explaining the upcoming $1.6m transfer balance cap

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Of all the major changes to superannuation coming this year, probably the most confusing is the...

30 Jan

Working with the upcoming new super rules

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As a large majority of working and retired Australians already know, in late 2016 a raft...

23 Jan

New super rules coming 1st July - get ready now!

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There are a number of new rules coming into effect from 1st July 2017 – some...

22 Sep

A quick word on salary sacrificing to super

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When you salary sacrifice to superannuation, you and your employer agree to earmark a portion of...

12 Sep

The benefits of super splitting

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Some superannuation funds allow you to split employer or tax deductible contributions with your spouse. Why...

29 Jun

Making retirement the best part of your life

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Retirement – making it the best part of your life Many Australians are choosing to retire...

16 Jun

A tale of two retirements... which would you choose?

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Sam and Sally Smith have worked hard all their lives, paid their taxes and, now they...