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26 May

How much money do you need to be wealthy?

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*Financial planner reveals how much you need to stop working and be considered wealthy* THERE is a...

16 Aug

Y it needs to change


It is fascinating that terms created to assist in demographic research for advertisers would become mainstream words...

8 Jun

Transition to Retirement Strategy – down, but not out

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Thanks to changes to superannuation, from 1 July 2017 Transition to Retirement (TTR) pensions will lose...

16 May

Putting aged care costs into perspective

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A growing number of Australians are encountering the challenges of assisting elderly relatives with the move...

11 Jan

A popular retirement career - but can you make money from it?


This article has been written by Australian author Karen Turner. Karen’s books, ‘Torn’ and ‘Inviolate’ are available...

1 Dec

Not ready to retire? This might be another option

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If you’re close to reaching your preservation age you will soon have access to your superannuation....

3 Aug

The world is waiting for you to visit...


It’s a big world out there and, like most people, you’ve probably wanted to see and...

28 Jul

Preparing for tomorrow


Imagine you were no longer able to look after your financial affairs, or, less dramatically, simply...

29 Jun

Making retirement the best part of your life

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Retirement – making it the best part of your life Many Australians are choosing to retire...

16 Jun

A tale of two retirements... which would you choose?

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Sam and Sally Smith have worked hard all their lives, paid their taxes and, now they...